“Downton Abbey” Season 6 will show a different side of Daisy (Sophie McShera). While other characters like Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) fear the changes that modern times are bringing, McShera revealed that her character will thrive with the sudden changes in PBS’ period drama. The kitchen helper will find herself wanting more out of life.

“She’s having a bit of a revolt in a way,” McShera explained to Express. “She’s not a rebel yet she’s definitely becoming aware and becoming dissatisfied with what she’s expected to be satisfied with. She suddenly opens her eyes that she should have more opportunities.”

Daisy started exploring other options in “Downton Abbey” Season 5. With the help of Miss Bunting (Daisy Lewis), she started to further her education and consider the idea that she might not want to work at Downton for the rest of her life. She’ll continue that journey in the final season.

“I feel that my character gets to explore the modern times a fair bit this series,” McShera told UnrealityTV. “She is one of the first characters to sort of have an awakening and a realization that there is a whole world out there and not just inside the house.”

However, she’ll have to avoid getting sidetracked. Mr. Mason (Paul Copley) will need her support in Season 6 when he discovers he could be evicted. Daisy will try to balance studying for exams with helping him keep his farm. “She takes up the battle on his behalf in quite a silly way really, and she nearly ruins everything for him,” she teased.

Her modern mindset will even change her personality a bit. Her defense of Mr. Mason will lead to a big outburst, and the usually quiet servant will be the center of attention in a scene in the Season 6 premiere. “I think that (the outburst) might have been … not that wise,” McShera told the Telegraph. “In the scene, I think I walk away after I’ve done it, and everyone looks at me, and I felt, like, ‘Oh god!’ Which is weird, because Daisy never does that, never speaks out in front of everyone.”

It’s a little unfortunate that Daisy’s wild side was saved for the final season, but viewers will apparently have a good idea of what her future will be in the series finale, according to actor Jim Carter. “It ties up the stories, giving indications of what will happen to the people,” Carter told the Daily Mail of the series finale. “I think viewers will be very pleased. They’ll need two hankies.”

“Downton Abbey” Season 6, the final season, premieres on Jan. 3, 2016 on PBS.