Rioting and rock throwing between pro and anti-government supporters broke in out in bloody clashes in one of Cairo's main squares on Wednesday, just one day after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said he would not step down until the next election in September.

The clashes came at Tahrir Square, site of massive demonstrations over the last several days, where protesters have called for Mubarak to step down.

After Mubarak's announcement on Tuesday, many in the crowd expressed that they wanted the leader to leave immediately.

Ahead of the clashes, thousands of pro-government supporters pushed past a military checkpoint to make their way into the square, with some carrying a large Egyptian flag as they went in.

The opponents fought with their fists, rocks and clubs. In one clash, as pro-government supporters advanced, one anti-government supporter fell and was kicked by two pro-government supporters.

Nearby, ther pro-government supporters continued to throw rocks ahead of them, driving back the anti-government supporters.

Injured demonstrators with head wounds were seen lying on the street and being tended to by helpers nearby. Others were carried off or walked away. Some ran for cover, hiding behind military vehicles.

Egyptian soldiers were also seen making arrests and leading away captured protesters.