With Halloween around the corner, the Dracula has a special request to make.

Drac -- a long-time recipient of blood donations -- is looking for more blood. A latest video released by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service shows the Drac urging people to make blood donations this Halloween to save the lives of the fellow Australians.

The video features actor Nick Skubij from Shake & Stir Theatre. Skubij played Dracula earlier this year in the stage adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, performed at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

“They [Australian Red Cross Blood Service] always have the supply to keep up with the demand, which, in my case, is very important,” says the Drac in the video. “I encourage everyone who is eligible to donate. The life you save might be your own.”

Even though the idea of meeting a Drac on Halloween might seem scary, but lack of blood supply for patients seems scarier. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is looking for blood donations this weekend from eligible donors in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

During the whole blood donation, only 470mL or less than 10 percent of the total blood volume in the body is taken. A single unit of whole blood can save up to 3 lives. The amount of blood withdrawn from the body is quickly replenished.

It is estimated that Australia needs about 27,000 units of blood every week. In addition, the country has one of the safest blood supply system in the world.

Interested donors, who need to make an appointment or any person requiring information, have been asked to call 13 14 95 or visit donateblood.com.au.