Since Meek Mill took to Twitter Tuesday and accused Drake of not writing “his own raps,” fans of both artists have been eagerly awaiting a response from the Canadian rapper. Finally, Drake has broken his silence and responded to Mill’s songwriting diss, although not where everyone could see it.

Drake aired his thoughts about Mill’s Twitter rant via a direct message on Instagram to a friend, rapper Hitman Holla, E!News reported. Hitman Holla reached out to Drake to show his support and then shared a screenshot of the DM Instagram conversation on Twitter.

In the Instagram conversation, Hitman Holla started by calling out Mill’s “foolishness” and told his fellow rapper to “keep killing” it. He wrote, "I see da foolishness.  You know me and Showw not buying it. You our guy. Keep killing. You motivate n----- like us."

Hitman Holla then messaged lyrics from one of Drake’s songs, "5 AM in Toronto."  He wrote:  "I show love, never get the same out of n----- I guess it's funny how money can make change out of n-----, for real."

Drake’s response was very zen and wise. The Canadian rapper first sent a couple of praying hands emojis, showing appreciation for his friend’s support. He then wrote:  "I signed up for greatness. This comes with it."

The fracas started after the MTV Video Music Award nominations were announced and Mill took to Twitter, claiming that Drake does not write his own raps, Billboard reported. Mill further alleged that Drake did not tweet about Mill’s album because “they found out.”

Since Mill’s Twitter diss, Drake mostly kept his silence over social media and even gave a “great” response to Hitman Holla. The multi-awarded singer did, however, post an Instagram message during the same day that Mill took to Twitter, to honor a fan who died.

According to Huffington Post, Drake responded to a “#DrakeNoticeJamal” campaign and shared a photo of the deceased fan on Instagram. He captioned the image: "Heard this young man was a big fan. Rest In Peace Jamal. Watch over me from way up above!”

The fan was Abdul Jamal Ottun, a 17-year old student in England who died earlier this month. Knowing that Ottun was a big Drake fan, the student’s friends took to social media and started a #DrakeNoticeJamal campaign, hoping that the singer will acknowledge their deceased friend. Fortunately, Drake did and shared a tribute to honor Ottun.