Toronto fans who showed up at one of Rihanna’s Anti World Tour concerts this week were treated to a surprise by one of their own: Rapper Drake performed “Work” alongside the singer while also giving new music from his forthcoming album “Views From The 6” its live debut.

When Drake took the stage with Rihanna, she got up close and personal with him. Drake came out in a “Views” sweatshirt to promote his album, while Rihanna wore an all-black outfit as she twerked. You can see their latest performance as a duo below:

Rihanna and Drake, who are rumored to be dating, have made waves before over their steamy performance of “Work." In the music video, Rihanna twerks on Drake, and the two have carried this theme into live shows. When Drake showed up at her show in Miami in March, they were once again all over each other.

Aside from performing “Work,” Drake gave his hometown a little taste of “Views From The 6.” The rapper did “One Dance” live for the first time before leaping into “Jumpman” off his mixtape with Future, “What a Time to Be Alive.” You can watch Drake’s performance below:

Rihanna has been on her Anti World Tour in support of her new album “Anti.” The tour consists of 73 shows across North America and Europe. While Rihanna has been touring, Drake has been busy finishing his fourth studio album: “Views From The 6” will drop April 29.

The two performers have come together to make music several times in recent years. Rihanna was featured on Drake’s song “Take Care” on his 2011 album of the same name. And he was featured on her song “What’s My Name?” on her 2010 album, “Loud.” “Work” is latest collaborative effort by the two pop stars.