Drake sat down on Thursday for an hour-long interview with Q Radio's Jian Ghomeshi and talked about growing up in Toronto, music and the creative process for “Nothing Was the Same,” the artist's latest album that has earned positive reviews.

Despite his current success, Drake said that he has faced backlash throughout his career from some who feel his music is too “sensitive,” always pining over a woman. When Ghomeshi asked Drake about the downbeat moments on his latest album, he said on the Canadian radio show: “There’s a victorious sentiment behind it, you know? I think the most important thing to understand about this record is the sentiment. I’m 26, working as hard as I possibly can with my friends that I grew up with, making my family happy.

"I’m so sick of people saying that I’m lonely and emotional, associating me with this longing for a woman. I hate that, man. It bothers me so much, because I do make music that feels something but I’m actually not that guy in real life. I’m a happy person. I make my music for the purpose of driving at nighttime.”

Earlier this month, reports claimed that Kris Jenner was trying to set her daughter Khloé Kardashian up with Drake. In August, Drake attended Kylie Jenner’s Sweet 16 bash, where he performed and kissed Kardashian's younger half-sister on the cheek -- and even let her wear his gold chain and stayed for her birthday dinner. Since then, Kylie, and her older sister, Kendall Jenner, as well as three half-sisters on the Kardashian side of the family, have been seen promoting Drake’s new album. Kris Jenner even snapped photos with the Canadian-born artist and posted them online.

"She’s shopping for Khloé’s next husband,” a source tells InTouch, about Kris Jenner. And she “has her eye” on Drake. “She thinks he’d be perfect for Khloé. Kris is sick of her daughters ending up with jerks.”