Drchrono now provides a digital health records system that doctors can use on the iPad.  Doctors can now effortlessly manage medical records and communicate with patients through the system.  The app includes a website that patients can use to access their own records.

Co-founder and COO of Drchrono Daniel Kivatinos said that top doctors will use the health records system in order to He added that many doctors continue to use old-fashioned paper methods in order to keep track of medical records but that an increasing number has moved on to digital technology.

The app enables doctors to manage their entire practices quickly and efficiently.  The system also allows doctors to review and add to medical history, physical exams, and X-rays.  Doctors can prescribe medications using speech-to-text.

Kivatinos said that If you build out the interface the right way, the doctor can input information so quickly that he can focus on the patient. The attention does not have to be taken away from the patient.

This system will also decrease detrimental errors inherent to paper methods.