New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is reportedly livid that the organization franchised him instead of offering him a long-term deal.

WIST-AM in New Orleans reported on Tuesday that Brees won't sign the franchise tag deal and will wait things out in hopes of reaching a long-term extension. The Saints and Brees have until July 15th to agree to a deal otherwise Brees would be forced to decide between signing the franchise tender or holding out of training camp.

Brees, the face of the Saints franchise, being livid at the organization isn't exactly what the Saints need right now. New Orleans is currently embroiled in a bounty scandal that could result in major fines and suspensions for players and coaches. The NFL released documents last Friday that show that Saints players could earn bonuses for injurying opposing players, notably quarterbacks Brett Favre and Kurt Warner.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King reported Tuesday that Saints coach Sean Payton, Saints general manager Mickey Loomis, and Saints middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma could all face stiff penalties from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The common assumption is that the Saints will find a way to work things out with Brees before that deadline, but it's yet another bad thing that the team has on its plate this week.