Two of Verizon's top smartphones will be the subject of some debate over the next week as holiday shoppers size them up and wonder if Droid Razr makes a better holiday present than the Galaxy Nexus. They are both only on Verizon, and they even come at the same $300 on contract price. Galaxy Nexus has a bigger screen, better resolution and comes pre-loaded with the new Android 4.0 software update. Droid Razr has a thinner build, better camera and a unique shape that borders on the verge of futuristic. It should get the Android 4.0 update, but there is no word yet on when that might be because Galaxy Nexus only debuted on Dec. 15.

Early adopters might want to consider the Galaxy Nexus because of the already included new software and pure Google experience. It's made by Samsung, so if you've had any experience with a Samsung device before, that might influence your decision. They made the previous Google phone, the Nexus S in 2010. If you are a fan of Motorola devices, you might want to check out the Droid Razr and its unique software overlay called MotoBlur. Technically, Motorola isn't calling the software on Droid Razr MotoBlur, but it has some of the same functions. The Gallery app gives you access to your images, photos and comments from your social network sites.

Both devices are 4G enabled, so they are lighting fast, so they have quite a few features in common. Both are tremendous devices as their hefty price tags attest, but the Droid Razr might not be a better present this year than Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus just came out, so there may be some unknown problem with it that we haven't seen yet. Think the iPhone 4S' battery problems in early November. But, with the Android 4.0 update already included, and many things being rather equal with the Razr, Galaxy Nexus wins this battle. It's best to head over to the store before you buy because you may love the Razr's thin design, or some other feature on one of the two phones. Tell us in the comments if you're planning on grabbing one of them this holiday season.