Droid Razr is the latest in line of Droid devices, but it also combines the Droid line with the Razr branded feature phone that Motorola popularized in the mid 00's. Back then (before iPhone) it was known as a particularly thin phone, but now the Razr is back and it shares some features with the Razr and Droid lines. It's very thin just like the original Razr. It's just 7.3mm thick. Like the other Droid products, it's main color theme is black with red highlights. That's really all they have in common other than similar marketing campaigns that feature robotic sounds and futuristic themes. Here is look back at the line of Droids for a little smartphone nostalgia.

The first Motorola Droid phone came out in November of 2009. Doesn't seem that long ago does it? It had a sliding keyboard and 3.7-inch display and was the first device to ship with Google Maps Navigation installed.

Next up was the HTC Droid Incredible that came out in April 2010. It came with the Android 2.1 system and HTC Sense, the custom skin that interfaced over the Android system. Just a few months later Motorola debuted the Droid X in July 2010. Like its sisters before it, Droid X launched on the Verizon network, and it debuted with a 4.3-inch screen and cost $200 on contract. Following the Droid X by only two months was the Droid 2, another slider keyboard device that, like the Droid X, included the Swype virtual keyboard for easier typing. If you guessed the Droid X2 was next then you guessed right, and the Droid X2 came out in May 2011. it upgraded the Droid X processor and changed to a different type of display. It also shipped with the newest version of Android, called Gingerbread.

Since then, four more Droids have come out. The Droid 3 is the newest slider variant, the Motorola Droid Bionic and Samsung Droid Charge were the first 4G Droids and the now famous Droid Razr.

Razr has a 4.3-inch display, front and rear-facing cameras and comes with the MotoCast app so you can sync files with your laptop.

Tell us in the comments if you've had more than one Droid and if you are also a Star Wars fan.