An intoxicated Utah man called police to report himself for driving under the influence of alcohol. The 34-year old man was driving on a highway in east Utah when he called the Lone Peak police department to notify them of a suspicious person (himself), according to a Salt Lake Tribune news story.

The man stopped his car and waited for the police to arrive. The responding officer found him in the passenger seat of his car, with the key in the ignition. The officer told the Tribune that the man had bloodshot, glossy eyes, a dry mouth and slurred speech:

The man told the officer that he was drunk, and the police should know about it.

'At the police station, the man failed several field sobriety tests. When asked to walk nine steps, the man reportedly told police that he couldn't and was afraid he would fall. He also questioned why the police where testing him when they knew he was drunk.

The man is now facing a felony charge if convicted of a DUI  - which he likely will be - as it would be his third DUI conviction in ten years.