For pick pockets here's a dare, London's luxury goods firm Dunhill has launched a virtually indestructible biometric wallet, that no one can steal and if by chance they steal, they can't open.

Priced at $825 the wallet requires a considerable outlay, and if after the investment something's left in the wallet then its exterior carbon casing will ward off any breaking-in efforts.

However, the greatest security feature embedded in the wallet is that it uses biometric verification, thus it only opens with the touch of your fingertip. Also, the wallet can be linked to a smartphone through Bluetooth. The link-up results in a security alarm being ticked off if either the wallet or the mobile are separated by more than 5 meters.

Inside the wallet, it's all luxury that one will expect from Dunhill, featuring luxurious leather credit card holder and stainless steel money clip.

What is explains that biometrics technology features verification measures and analyzes biological data like DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements for authentication purposes.

Generally, a biometric device like a fingerprint scanner will include a scanning device, software that converts scanned data into digital format and a database that stores the biometric data.

The biometric data is encrypted when it is initially collected to protect identity theft. Thus, when a finger is placed on the scanner, the software is used to identify specific match points. Then an algorithm in the background converts the match points into numeric value, which is then compared with values in the database to decide whether access should be allowed or denied.