Dutch billionaire John de Mol is not involved in a possible buyout of Swedish carmaker Saab, which Dutch Spyker Cars (SPYKR.AS) would like to buy from General Motors GM.UL, De Mol's investment company Talpa said.

Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet has cited De Mol as a possible candidate to back Spyker in its bid to buy Saab, but Talpa said in a statement on Thursday that both Swedish and Dutch press reports suggesting De Mol's involvement were not correct.

Apparently there are parties that like to name someone such as De Mol to -- unjustly -- strengthen their position in the takeover battle, Talpa said, adding that De Mol realized he could nothing else but deny his rumored involvement.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf cited Dutch billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn as a backer earlier this week, but Boekhoorn denied his involvement both in the paper and in Dutch magazine Quote.

Spyker Cars Chief Executive Victor Muller declined on Wednesday to comment on backing of financers, but told Reuters he was in frequent contact with General Motors and expected an outcome from the talks after Christmas.

(Reporting by Gilbert Kreijger; Editing by Rupert Winchester)