Dutch Prince, Johan Friso who is currently in a coma after an avalanche accident at the beginning of February, may be transferred to a London hospital.

The Prince was deprived of oxygen after being buried in snow for 20 minutes which caused major brain damage. His heart had reportedly stopped beating for 50 minutes before he was able to be revived. Doctors last week stated that they fear Friso may never regain consciousness. The Prince is currently in a hospital in Innsbruck near the Austrian resort that he was staying at. Dutch News believes that Friso will be transferring to a London hospital because of the Netherlands lack of a clinic specializing in stimulating older coma patients. Prince Johan Friso also resides in London with his wife Princess Mabel Wisse Smit and two daughters, Emma Luana and Joanna Zaria, another reason believed for the transfer.

Meanwhile, Queen Beatrix, Friso's mother, has stayed close to her son, cancelling all her appearances. The Queen's eldest son, and heir to the throne, Prince Willem-Alexander, has stepped in for the Queen. Princess Mabel Wisse Smit, Queen Beatrix and Prince Willem-Alexander continue to visit the prince daily.

The Dutch Royal Family released a statement last week stating that The members of His Royal Highness Prince Friso's family need to come to terms with the Prince's situation, and to reorganize their lives accordingly. The Royal Family therefore requests the media to give them the space to do so by respecting their privacy. No other updates on the Prince's condition have been released by the Royal Family.