On Monday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was forced to undergo emergency hernia surgery to repair the injury he suffered at WrestleMania 29.

Johnson suffered the injury in his April 7 match with John Cena. He initially thought he could repair the damage through rehab but had to go under the knife to make a full recovery.

"Surgery a success," Johnson tweeted. "Superman is on the mend."

The night after his most recent WWE match, Johnson announced that he tore his abdomen and adductor muscles off the bone. He was forced to leave the WWE prematurely and didn’t appear on “Monday Night Raw.”

The injury has left unanswered questions about Johnson’s career. In a recent interview, Johnson said his match at WrestleMania 29 may have been his last in the WWE. He told Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 that he might fight Brock Lesnar, eventually, but the injury has put his future plans on hold.

Johnson’s movie career might determine whether or not he ever wrestles again. In 2012, Forbes listed Johnson as the fourth-highest paid actor in Hollywood. With such a lucrative film career, he may decide it’s not worth it to return to the wrestling ring.

Director Michael Bay recently gave his opinion on what Johnson should do, after the star of “Pain and Gain” was unable to attend the movie premiere because of his surgery.

“Dwayne’s hurt tonight,” said Bay. “He was pushing it too hard. [He] needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men.”

With WrestleMania over, Johnson is set to begin filming “Hercules: The Thracian Wars,” which will open in 2014. He initially chose to forgo surgery in order to shoot the movie. Now, the injury could affect his upcoming filming schedule.

Johnson was greeted warmly by fans when he returned to the WWE and his presence increased ratings. However, there has been a vocal minority that has resented his part-time schedule with the WWE and wasn’t happy to see him return.

The Rock was cheered for most of his matches, but he and John Cena were booed by much of the crowd at MetLife Stadium when WrestleMania concluded.