Fans of “Dying Light” have been eagerly anticipating “The Following,” an expansion of the game that adds numerous new features that weren’t in the original game. It seems like the expansion has gotten even bigger than expected, which has resulted in developer Techland raising the price of the expansion and the season pass, but done in a way that won’t offend fans.

According to Kotaku, “The Following” went from $14.99 to $19.99 and the season pass now costs $29.99, an increase from the original $19.99. However, those that purchased the season pass for its original price will still get “The Following” without having to pay extra, along with the rest of the downloadable content (DLC).

Even better is the fact that the price hike won’t start until Dec. 8, giving fans at least two weeks to purchase the pass before they have to pay extra money, as noted by Eurogamer. This can be considered a classy move in the part of the developer and is one that other game companies should follow in the future.

The announcement also let fans know that “The Following” is almost finished and is currently in the “polishing up” stage. This means that the developers will now focus on repairing any game breaking bugs and fixing the framerate, so a release date might follow.

It seemed like “The Following” was going to be a standalone expansion and Techland confirmed that this could have been the case, though it would have meant delaying the DLC. In the end, the higher ups of the studio decided not to and the DLC should be released soon, after all said bugs have been fixed.

To those unaware “The Following” is an expansion that takes place after the events of the original game. One of the features that have been hyped up has been the new vehicle sections, which will be a vital part of the expansion.

“Dying Light” is available now on the PS4, PC and Xbox One on all major retail outlets, as well as any digital stores. Techland also developed the “Dead Island” games before losing the license and deciding to make “Dying Light.”

Dying Light: The Following – 15 Minutes of Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/Dying Light)