According to gaming site Polygon (via The Verge), the Electronic Entertainment Expo will remain in Los Angeles for at least the next three years. The trade show dedicated to video games has been around for nearly twenty years, and with this new commitment to the LA Convention Center, which is in proximity to the Staples Center. The trade show draws upwards of fifty thousand attendees every year, and though common opinion is that the show has (in recent years) been a bit on the weak side, with fewer and fewer surprises and announcements, E3 is still the center of the gaming world.

The show generates nearly $40 million dollars in revenue for the city each year. This three year contract ensures massive revenue for Los Angeles, as well as helping to further establish the city as a hub of gaming each June. A majority of the gaming press is located in San Francisco, a short journey away from Los Angeles, and E3 coverage can always be streamed online, as well as broadcast on television.

After this past year's E3, the organizers were scouting other venues, including New York, Chicago and New Orleans. The concept of a travelling road show of sorts regarding gaming would have been an interesting concept, however; establishing roots in a city is important, as well.

The most disappointing aspect of this past year's show was the complete absence of Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto V", even though the company is far bigger than the trade show itself, with this console cycle coming to a close, it's strange to not see a blockbuster title take gaming's center stage. For E3 to continue to be a major force in the gaming world (for corporate buyers and the press), there needs to be more emphasis on exclusive announcements, as well as showstopping games like "Watch Dogs". Without these big announcements and surprises, E3 loses its punch.