Since his return to the United States last month, 17-year-old rapper Earl Sweatshirt has returned to high school, released a new track, gained 150,000 Twitter followers, and reportedly worked on a still-unreleased track with recording artist Santigold.

Now, a leaked track from new Odd Future album OF Tape Vol. 2 has leaked online, revealing that Earl has returned to Odd Future, at least for long enough to spit one extralong verse on ensemble track Oldie.

Earl Sweatshirt has proven himself to be one of the most promising rappers and creative lyricists in the industry despite his youth. His lyrics are often explicit and offensive, but arguably in a conscious manner that is more artistic than simple hip-hop raciness. He has one of the longest verses on the 10-minute long track, including such creative lyrics as, Super nova, I'm rolling over the novices/ I'm roaming through the forest and spitting cold as porridge is.

The song also features Odd Future standbys Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Mike G, Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, and Jasper Dolphin. Group leader Tyler the creator opens and closes the track, finishing with an inspirational shout-out to the white kids with n----r friend who say the n-word/And the ones that go called weird, f-g, b---h, nerd/Cause you was into jazz, kitty cats and Steven Spielberg.

Earl's appearance on the track flies in the face of statements from both the rapper himself and his mentor and friend Tyler. Following Earl's return to California in February, both rappers stated that they would not be collaborating together any time soon.

Earl has also defended himself against online criticism that his verse on Oldie is an old unused recording. If you think that my oldie verse is an old verse you're stupid, he wrote in a message on Twitter on March 16.

The Twitter account is written by Earl himself, and he has used it to drop hints regarding new music he may be working on. On March 13, he posted that he would be releasing a short mixtape in the near future, to the excitement of his fans around the world.

Who's ready for an EP er sum [or something]? he tweeted on March 13, adding, It'll be three tracks. Working on cover art.

Earl has also used his Twitter account to reach out to popular indie-hip-hop musician Santigold. In messages exchanged publicly online, they talk about collaborating on a track together, and in one message Earl writes that he has just sent a recording to her directly. Santigold confirmed the possible collaboration to the press, saying, it sounds like a fun collab[oration]! If it turns out dope, you'll hear it!