Halloween is rapidly closing in. Let the last-minute costume panic begin!

Although the holiday itself might be a week away, parties and spooky soirees will be kicking off this weekend, which means it’s time to confirm those costume ideas. For those who are coupled, there is no shortage of themes and characters to refer to for costumes (try any one of these characters from popular television shows, for example). However, for the couples who might be short on time or resources, easy couple costumes are the way to go.  

Read on for some simple couple’s costumes for this Halloween. Remember: “Simple” does not mean you need to eschew creativity altogether. Here are five costumes that are fun and creative.

Bonnie and Clyde: Take a cue from Hollywood’s favorite criminal couple and dress to kill as Bonnie and Clyde. For an effective Clyde costume, you will need a men’s suit, plastic gun, a fedora and a bag with a money symbol on it. Bonnie’s costume should be a nod to the Faye Dunaway character: A cream sweater, pencil skirt, a belt cinched at the waist, a silk neckerchief, black beret and toy gun will do nicely.

"Purge" Couple: The dystopian thriller film "The Purge" has spawned lookalike Purge masks that are available in most Halloween superstores now. For the ladies, simple nude pumps and a white shift dress can be worn with the mask (don’t forget the bloody machete). For the guys, all that’s needed is a dapper suit, fake machine gun and mask.

Sandy And Danny From "Grease": For the couple that really wants to go with a classic couple’s costume, Danny and Sandy are it. Both costumes can be made up with things that are already hanging in your closet. Warning: You will need a lot of hair gel. A Sandy costume will require black, high-waisted disco pants and an off-the-shoulder black blouse or T-shirt. A simple black T-shirt with the neckline cut down will work, as well. Add red pumps, a black leather jacket and black belt worn just above the waist. The Danny costume will only require jeans, a men’s white undershirt, black chucks and leather jacket. Couples can even use the same hair styling products, because gel and hairspray will need to be bought in bulk to pull of these greaser costumes.

Piper and Alex from "Orange Is The New Black": These costumes might call for a trip to the Halloween store, but the accessories will be minimal for both of these characters. Both Piper and Alex wear khaki pants and shirts with white socks. Black combat boots or white sneakers will work for footwear. Really commit to these outfits by picking up a dark brown-colored wig and a blonde wig. Order their inmate badges online or get crafty and make up your own.

Ash and Pikachu: Cash in on the Pokemon Go craze and arrive at your Halloween bash dressed as Ash and Pikachu. Pikachu onesies can be found in stores like Target or on Amazon and are relatively inexpensive. Ash’s costumes will require blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a blue anorak. A pair of green, fingerless gloves can be found in most major department stores (or just buy a pair of green gloves and remove the fingers yourself). Finally, pick up a red and white trucker hat and take a sharpie to the front so that it resembles the trainer’s cap from the show. Poke balls are optional, in this case: Just open you Pokemon Go app and you’ll be set.