An unidentified person suspected of having the deadly Ebola virus is being treated at a Miami-area hospital, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday. The details of the case and the patient weren't immediately known.

UPDATE 2:48 p.m. EDT: A Twitter account associated with Miami's Jackson Health System confirms that the suspected Ebola patient tested negative for the viral disease.

More than 2,100 cases of Ebola have been confirmed since the current outbreak started in December in West Africa. The suspected number of deaths now stands at 1,848, NBC 6 South Florida reported. The virus is spread by direct contact with blood or bodily fluids, not through casual contact.

Three U.S. aid workers in Liberia who were affected with the virus in August were flown to the United States for treatment. Two of the workers -- Dr. Kent Brantly and medical missionary Nancy Writebol -- were treated and released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta last month. The other physician, Rick Sacra, is still being treated at a hospital in Nebraska.