DUBLIN - John Hurley, the governor of Ireland's central bank and a member of the European Central Bank's Governing Council, will retire from the positions on September 25, his spokesman said on Saturday.

Hurley's term in office was due to end in March but he agreed to stay on longer to ensure a steady hand at the helm during the financial turmoil that has hit Ireland hard.

The government plans to reform Ireland's financial regulatory system after a string of banking scandals that badly damaged the country's international reputation and led to the departure of the chief executive of the financial regulator.

The new structure will bring the roles of the central bank and financial regulator together under one roof as the Central Bank of Ireland Commission, chaired by the governor of the central bank.

Hurley, a former secretary general at the finance ministry, was appointed central bank governor in 2002.

The government has not said who his successor would be.

(Reporting by Andras Gergely)