While the world wonders where Edward Snowden is hiding and what will be his next move, Ecuador is ready to grant the NSA whistle-blower asylum. And now we can see the document that would allow him to get there, even without his passport, which the U.S. has revoked.

The Spanish-language U.S. TV network Univision published a copy of the safe passage document that has been allegedly given to Snowden, in which he is given permission to travel to Ecuador on refugee status.

The document is signed by the Ecuadorian ambassador in London, Fidel Narváez Narváez, and dated June 22. Narváez was also directly responsible for granting WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange asylum at his embassy, where he has lived for the past year.

The pass gives permission to Snowden to travel from Moscow to Quito and asks authorities in any transit countries to cooperate in helping him reach Ecuador safely.

Snowden was expected to board a flight from Moscow to Havana Monday, but it left without him. His whereabouts have been unconfirmed all this time, but an employee of the "capsule" hotel in the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport confirmed that Snowden stayed there for four hours and was on the guest list -- although he declined to show that list for fear of violating the hotel’s rules.

Russian authorities confirmed that Snowden has not left the country. Based on what is publicly available, therefore, the accused spy is still in the transit area of the airport; technically he is not within Russia, since he has not crossed passport control into the country. 

Here is the document:

Safepass Snowden Ecuador