An Ohio grandpa called 911 after claiming that his grandson punched a hole in his kitchen wall and called him names Saturday because the 72-year-old was tired of the teen being “lazy.”

Edward Friel, who has custody of his 17-year-old grandson, Justin Friel, told authorities responding to a domestic dispute complaint that the teen “is lazy and does nothing around the house,” according to a Lorain County Sheriff’s Office report obtained Tuesday by the Smoking Gun.

“Mr. Friel stated he had asked Justin to do some work around the house but continued to play on the computer,” the report goes on to say. Edward Friel said he then cut the Internet cord “since [Justin] was not listening to him.”

The 72-year-old grandfather said Justin then “became very angry and punched a hole in his kitchen wall and started calling him names and walked out of the house and into the woods,” according to the report.

The elder Friel said he didn’t want to pursue criminal charges against his grandson for the damage Justin caused to the kitchen. “Mr. Friel was advised on his options and informed he would handle the discipline,” the report said.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office said it considered the matter “closed.”