Egyptian protesters are growing impatient with the military government that took reins from ousted former President Mubarak.

They have two complaints: they want Mubarak to be prosecuted for his crimes against Egypt and are growing increasingly distrustful of the military’s intention to transition into democracy.

They’re concerned that the military's ruling Supreme Council, led by Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, has too much sympathy towards Mubarak. Tantawi was a former Mubarak loyalist and Mubarak himself was a member of the military.

On Friday during the day, thousands took part in a largely peaceful demonstration in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo and voiced such concerns. Into the night, some soldiers and protesters remained and defied the 2 a.m. protest curfew.

Around 3 a.m. on Saturday morning, the army police force moved in Tahrir Square to disperse them. The police force attacked them with clubs and fired volleys of gunfire into the air. Two were killed and over a dozen were injured.

According to reports, a number of protestors were rounded up into police trucks and the dissident soldiers were taken away. Other protestors took refuge in a nearby mosque.

Below are the available images from the Friday/Saturday protest: