Egyptian security and custom authorities have started screening all incoming and outgoing diplomatic pouches, as a precautionary measure to avoid entry of questionable objects, state news agency Middle East News Agency MENA reported on Monday.

The pouches will be screened by X-ray... To stop any illegal items from entering Egypt. The country has been rocked by two weeks of deadly nationwide anti-government protests.

The exceptional measures were introduced on the orders of the foreign ministry, despite international agreements exempting diplomatic bags from being searched.

Egyptian foreign ministry has issued directions to Cairo Airport and Cairo Cargo Village to ensure the new measures is implemented, said the report.

In case the X-ray scanners detect any suspicious objects, permission will be retained from the Foreign Ministry to open them, the report quoted a security source as saying.

On Sunday, the Egypt foreign ministry accused diplomats of smuggling weapons and communications equipment into the restive country.

It has been noticed of late that some foreign embassies in Cairo have tried to bring some weapons and communications equipment in diplomatic bags, relying on the principle of immunity, the ministry said in a statement.

It further added that the concerned authorities reserve the right to confiscate any weapon or technological equipment that would require a permit in Egypt.