El DeBarge's drug charges dropped, the singer is happy to get back to his music. El DeBarge has had trouble with law enforcement and drugs in the past, but this time the Second Chance singer said he was falsely accused.

DeBarge was arrested Tuesday afternoon after cops saw what they said was a drug deal with DeBarge and another man. The arrest was the third one since 2001 for drug possession for DeBarge. The singer was booked for possession of narcotics with intent to sell. He was released on $30,000 bail.

However, yesterday cops said they were dropping the charges because of lack of sufficient evidence. According to reports, cops saw DeBarge and another man talking and decided to search them. They said they found a bag of cocaine and that the other man said he was buying it from DeBarge, but the singer denied that and the district attorney said there wasn't enough eveidence to make the charge stick so they dropped the charges.

DeBarge said he is not a drug dealer and is glad the charges are behind him.

The family said they were relieved to hear that no charges will be filed against El, Spencer Vodnoy, a lawyer for the DeBarge family told TMZ. At the end of the day the truth appears to have prevailed and I am sure he will be getting back to work on his career, his health and happiness.

DeBarge is in the middle of a musical comeback. His album Second Chance was nominated for a Grammy this past year, but lost out to Chris Brown and has been performing at many events.