At E3 2013, we got to learn a bit more about "Elder Scrolls Online," a fantasy MMORPG that is currently being developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and is set for a spring 2014 release for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac OS X. Those looking forward to it can currently sign up for the closed beta, and there's no word on whether there will be an open beta.

It's currently unknown what the business model will be, whether it will be free-to-play, require a monthly fee or take a different approach. PC and Mac players will be able to mod the game, though this feature will not be avaiable to console players.

In "Elder Scrolls Online," the loot system is instanced, meaning that if you're part of a party and your party slays a monster, loot doesn't fall to the ground. Instead, all the loot from that kill gets allocated to your party members only, eliminating the danger a stranger swiping loot that your party worked for. Guilds will also appear in "Elder Scrolls Online," and players can actually sign up for Guilds before it's even released. Each Guild will have a Guild Bank, which your Guild can use to safely store loot. Players will be able to re-spec their characters.

If your focus is PvP, you gain Alliance Points, which you gain by killing other players among other methods. Alliance Points can be used to buy better gear. When you create a character, you can use that character in each of the game modes.

Take a look at "Elder Scrolls Online" in action below.

What do you think of "Elder Scrolls Online"? Are you looking forward to it? Why or why not? On what platform do you plan to play it and why? Sound off in the comments below.