It seems that old grudges in the Canadian Football League die hard, as two elderly legends, Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca, exchanged blows at a Grey Cup luncheon on Friday in Vancouver.

Kapp is 73 and a former B.C. Lions quarterback. Mosca is 74 and a former Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman.

The animosity between the two dates back to a contentious Grey Cup in 1963 when Mosca delivered a controversial hit on Kapp's teammate, Willie Fleming, the CBC reported.

When the two were both due onstage, luncheon host, comedian Ron James, told Kapp to give Mosca a sprig from a table as a peace offering.

A YouTube video of the incident showed Kapp attempting to give Mosca flowers as a peace offering and Mosca rejecting this gesture with an expletive.

Then all hell broke loose.

Kapp swatted Mosca with the flowers and Mosca reacted by swinging his cane, striking Kapp in the head. Kapp then turned to the crowd and yells Sportsmanship! That's what it's all about folks, sportsmanship

I'm trying to let it go! he said of the grudge.

You can watch the two men duke it out below: