UPDATE: 3 p.m. EDT -- Jeb Bush spokeswoman Allie Brandenburger said that during the candidate's stop in South Carolina, he discussed policies that she said "foster opportunity for everyone."  

"Jeb is  running a campaign that will not cede any issue, voter or demographic group because he has a vision for the future that can unite Americans behind restoring people’s ability to rise up and achieve their dreams," Brandenburger said.

Original story: 

Some people were not happy after presidential candidate Jeb Bush told a group in South Carolina Thursday night that Republicans can win more African-American voters with a message of positivity than with one that promises “free stuff.” The remarks, reported first by the Washington Post, echoed those by Mitt Romney in 2012 that sparked criticism at the time.

Bush’s campaign event Thursday drew a largely white audience, according to the New York Times, and his comments came in response to a question about how he would appeal to African-American voters. The phrase “free stuff” was trending on Twitter Friday morning and had been transformed into a hashtag as many tweeted and commented angrily in response to Bush’s remarks. 

Singer John Legend tweeted early Friday about Bush’s wealthy upbringing:

A second tweet criticized the former Florida governor’s tax policies.

Many others took to Twitter to express their frustration with Bush's comments, including Ta-Nehisi Coates, a staff writer for The Atlantic, who said he thought Bush’s strategy was not one that would appeal to African-American voters.

Jelani Cobb, a professor at University of Connecticut and a staff writer for the New Yorker, also sent out a long stream of tweets about Bush’s remarks.

“Jeb Bush plans to win black votes by not offering us "free stuff" — you mean like the 246 years of uncompensated labor we gave you all?”

Bush’s campaign emphasized his message of the need for outreach after his remarks Thursday. “His focus is on uplifting people, not dividing them,” a spokeswoman told the New York Times. “And that is a message he will take across America.”