Articles by Abigail Abrams

Abigail Abrams is a breaking news reporter covering politics. She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and has previously reported for FiveThirtyEight and TIME, among others. 


Obama: Gun Debate In US Must Change

The families of people killed in mass shootings “don’t care about the politics,” the president said in Orlando, Florida. “And neither do I.”

Orlando Shooting Victim Speaks Out

A survivor from Sunday’s shooting, Angel Colon, called the gunman “heartless” and “ruthless” on Tuesday as he recounted his experience.

Clinton, Sanders Meet In Washington

Following Clinton’s victory in Tuesday’s District of Columbia primary, the candidates met at a hotel and reportedly agreed to work together to defeat Donald Trump.

Soaring Child Care Costs Hurting Families

Candidates have talked about reversing a trend that has seen average weekly expenses rise 170 percent from 1985 to 2011. But parents and advocates say the issue needs more attention.

Does Obama Even Like Hillary Clinton?

The president once painted his former rival as a “corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Walmart” and famously said he found her “likable enough.”