With the Iowa caucuses just days away, the New York Times Saturday weighed in on both of the main party’s primaries, endorsing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, while calling Republican underdog Ohio Gov. John Kasich the only plausible answer to the “extremism and inexperience” displayed by others in the GOP race.

This is the fourth time the Times has endorsed Clinton for federal office — previously, it did so in the 2008 Democratic primary and twice for the U.S. Senate. The newspaper said her experience as a senator from New York, as well as being a former first lady, qualifies her above her main opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt. The Times argued that while Sanders has highlighted issues that may not have been at the forefront before, such as the suffering middle class and income inequality, he does not have the experience or the breadth of policy ideas Clinton has.

While the Times said Sanders’ record on gun control has been weak, the paper argued Clinton’s history as an advocate for effective measures against gun violence have been strong. The Times also praised Clinton for her support of working Americans — especially women — and her foreign policy goals.


Kasich has not been as bombastic as many of his opponents in courting Republican voters, and that is seemingly one of his main attributes in the view of the Times. The newspaper criticized front-runner Donald Trump as inexperienced and inventing his positions “as he goes along,” and second-place U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas for “saying anything to win."

The Times attacked the “extremism” of some candidates, such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s claims that he would shoot down Russian planes, while saying others don’t have the political experience to be president, such as Ben Carson, who has never held a political office, much like Trump. The Times said that Kasich is no moderate — citing his fight against public-sector unions and abortion rights — but favors his claims that he wants to make it easier for undocumented immigrants to become U.S. citizens, and better protect the mentally ill and the poor.

Kasich tweeted Saturday his thanks to the Times for the support. He has struggled to keep up with his opponents, but a poll released this week from Suffolk University said he was tied with Ted Cruz for second in New Hampshire, where the primary will be held Feb. 9, Talking Points Memo reported.