Fresh off Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders were scheduled to go head to head Sunday in a debate in Flint, Michigan. It will be the last time the two will get to argue policy before the Michigan primary Tuesday, and it could possibly be a chance for the two to address the water crisis in Flint, where city residents suffered lead poisoning from the city’s water supply. Ahead of the highly anticipated debate, here are the latest poll numbers showing who is ahead in the race to the national convention.

Hillary Clinton

The former secretary of state has maintained a commanding lead over her main opponent, Sanders, throughout the election cycle. A recent CNN/ORC International conducted Feb. 24-27, found Clinton polling at 55 percent. A poll from Rasmussen Reports had her polling at 53 percent, still at a commanding lead over Sanders among likely voting Democrats. Clinton has won most of the primaries and caucuses so far, and going into the debates Sunday she also has more delegates than Sanders. Clinton has 601 pledged delegates so far, and with 457 superdelegates, that brings her total delegate count to 1,058.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders has run on a campaign promising political revolution, but his failure to win crucial voting blocs such as minorities has dogged his campaign. The CNN/ORC poll has Sanders polling at 38 percent, and the Rasmussen Reports poll has him at an even lower 31 percent. While he has won some states — New Hampshire, Vermont,  Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma — Clinton has won far more. Sanders has 409 pledged delegates so far, and with 22 super delegates, bringing his total to 431.