With voting well underway across the country, election results won't become available until after 7 p.m. EST with many East Coast states closing polls at about that time. However, evidence about the likely victor is growing more available.

Depending on which election forecaster you chose to trust, Hillary Clinton either has a good chance of defeating Donald Trump or has an absolutely great chance of beating him. FiveThirtyEight, which has been less certain of Clinton's potential victory, gave her a 71.4 percent of winning, while the New York Times' forecast site, The Upshot, pegged her at an 85 percent chance of winning.

A list of electoral maps by 270towin.com have Clinton winning, as well. 
Forecast sites mostly take into account state polls, but Clinton has outperformed Trump in reliable general election polls, as well. Clinton was up by 3.2 percent on Tuesday morning, according to Real Clear Politics.

When it comes to victories in “swing states," Clinton's chances remain high but with Trump still in contention. She leads in crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania by 4 points, according to the most recent points, and in Florida and North Carolina by margins of 1 percent and 2 percent, respectively. 

Karl Rove, the former campaign strategist and policy advisor for George W. Bush, claims Pennsylvania and North Carolina are crucial states for Trump, but is aware that winning those states may not be enough.

"I think it's important that when you're in this kind of a situation, buy yourself a couple of insurance policies," Rove told Fox News. "I'm not certain I'd buy in New Mexico and Colorado and Michigan and Wisconsin. I'd concentrate on maybe half those states, not four of them.

"[Trump has] got to take one or two of those states away, but run most of the table on the tossup states."