A new poll Monday shows good news for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. She received a bump in support following the party's convention last week, according to a CBS News survey

The poll found that 46 percent of voters said they'd support Clinton come the November general election, compared with 39 percent support for Republican nominee Donald Trump. The news outlet's poll had the two candidates effectively locked in a tie just last week after the GOP convention in Cleveland. CBS found Clinton got a four-point upward tick in support after her party's convention, compared with just a two-point bounce for Trump. 

When undecided voters who are leaning toward a certain candidate are included, Clinton leads by six points. The Democratic nominee also held her lead when Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was included.

Other questions asked by the poll received similar answers to what they've gotten for months. Both candidates are perceived unfavorably by large swaths of the nation, although Clinton did see a slight improvement while Trump dropped to pre-convention levels. Clinton, the first woman to earn the nomination of a major party, still led by a large margin, while Trump led among men, especially white men without a college degree.

The Democratic convention continues to plague Trump, however, with the candidate attacking the Muslim parents of a fallen U.S. soldier who spoke at the Philadelphia event, which has drawn criticism from both political parties. 

Clinton did see a rise in support among the supporters of her one-time Democratic competition, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Seventy-three percent said they'd back Clinton come November, up from 67 percent earlier in July. The CBS poll was conducted July 29-31, and spoke with a random sample of 1,393 adults nationwide, including 1,131 registered voters. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. 

A separate poll released Sunday found a similar seven-point swing in favor of Clinton. Morning Consult found Clinton led Trump by three points. The Real Clear Politics average of polls currently gives Clinton a 2.2 point advantage nationally.