Just when the media and America heard Elin Nordegren finally found happiness in a new man after being humiliated by ex-husband Tiger Wood's numerous mistresses, her story has taken a turn for the worse.

New claims are emerging that Nordegren's new billionaire boyfriend Jamie Dingman also allegedly slept with Tiger's infamous mistress Rachel Uchitel - a claim that has infuriated Elin.

According to TMZ, he and Uchitel shacked up for two weeks in 2009 at a business partner Chris Barish's home in Miami.

Dingman and his friends are claiming Uchitel is lying about the affair, contrary to reports by TMZ that 'Jamie came into Rachel's room late at night twice and the two hooked up ... and they heard Rachel discussing it with Barish the morning after each liaison.'

What makes this story even more interesting is that Jen Madden, who broke the original story of Tiger's affairs, was allegedly dating Dingman's business partner Barish at that time.

TMZ also reports that when Rachel eventually left Jamie for Tiger, he responded That's ok. I'll date his wife, Elin.