On Tuesday's 'The View' show, 34-year-old Elisabeth Hasselbeck and 55-year-old Bill Maher were sitting on the same sofa right next to each other. However, things Immediately got really uncomfortable and a weird and funny battle started.

Very soon, Hasselbeck asked the Real Time comedian about a joke he made in a late night show when he proposed to send Hasselbeck to Egypt in exchange for journalist Lara Logan, who had been assaulted while reporting there.

Forgive this idiotic Republican for bringing this to your brilliant mind, she began the exchange. Bill Maher defended that was his comedy style and then she said she was not hurt by the joke, but wanted to bring up it because accountability's sometimes important in life. That's what I teach my kids.

Later that night Maher was on Late Show with David Letterman and he described his experience as I was abused......I thought like a teenage boy at Penn State.

The joke went back to Maher's February Real Time show where Bill commented that military commander Hosni Mubarak should put Lara Logan's intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck, he said.

In reference to the joke, Hasselbeck said, You can't tell me that's funny.

We do a comedy show for an audience that's perhaps different from your audience, Maher defended. You are a public figure. (That joke) was not aimed at you personally, but when you are a public figure, you're out there and you're fodder for comedians to make comments on you.

Hasselbeck explained she was speaking on behalf of women and that the joke itself was not funny. While Maher responded saying those sorts of things to stand on the edge for the sake of comedy, Hasselbeck fired back with Thanks for being the hero.

As the discussion went on, the atmosphere became weird and awkward.

After Maher told Hasselbeck, the Republican does not care about knowledge, the talk show co-host mocked, I actually feel smarter sitting next to you. The other co-hosts have tried to quell the tension by proposing different topics. However, the tension between the two remained high.

Maher was to promote his new book A Funny Look at How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass on the show.

Watch the tense exchange of words between Maher and Hasselbeck in the video below.