English actress Elizabeth Hurley tweeted that she’s in need of painkillers after falling into a ditch while walking her dogs. To add insult to injury, one of her dogs peed on her.

“My back killing me after, er, falling into that ditch. Rifling through@warne888's meds bag to nick his super strong pain killers,” the injured actress tweeted earlier this week, referring to her fiancé,  cricket player Shane Warne.

Hurley, 47, tweeted that not only was she in pain, but one of her dogs urinated on her.

“Just back from dog walk & feeling a million times better for the fresh air,” the English actress wrote. “However, one wellington leaked and I have a soaking wet foot, plus I fell into a ditch.”

The unfortunate incident came less than a month after Hurley and Warne purchased a massive 13-bedroom English country home for £6 million ($9.6 million), as reported by the Daily Mail.


Hurley must have got the pain medication she needed, because she hasn’t spoken about the incident since it occurred Sunday.

Since then, the actress has turned to complaining about being cold and not getting a good night’s sleep.

The model, mom and actress also alerted the more than 354,000 followers of her Twitter account that she was watching her son eat a Kit Kat.

“BTW I always separate the fingers on a Kit Kat and then nibble all the choc off around the edges,” Hurley wrote Tuesday.

But she hasn’t used her Twitter to vent only about trivial things. In recent days, she’s quoted President Barack Obama.

Hurley also paid tribute to the late Clive Dunn, the English actor best known for his role as Lance Cpl. Jack Jones on “Dad’s Army.” Dunn died earlier this week, but news of his death was first reported Thursday.

“RIP Clive Dunn,” Hurley wrote. “Thanks for the hours of enjoyment watching Dad's Army.”