After conservative Christian group One Million Moms attacked J.C. Penney for hiring a lesbian spokesperson, TV host Bill O'Reilly stood by Ellen DeGeneres' side.

What is the difference between a McCarthy era communist blacklist in the 50s and the Million Moms saying, 'Hey, J.C. Penney and all you other stores, don't you hire any gay people, don't you dare.' What is the difference? O'Reilly said on an episode of The O'Reilly Factor Monday.

DeGeneres thanked him on her show Wednesday saying, You didn't really make it clear if you were going to shop at J.C. Penney, but if you do you can use my employee discount any time you want.

DeGeneres also addressed One Million Moms on her show mocking, Not that there's anyone counting, but for a group that calls themselves the Million Moms, they only have 40,000 members on their page.

J.C. Penney has continued to stand by DeGeneres' side and a group called 1 Million People Who Support Ellen for J.C. Penney has formed. The group has surpassed the members of One Million Moms with Facebook Likes (now 98,808).

Normally I try not to pay attention to my haters, but this time, I'd like to talk about it because my haters are my motivators, DeGeneres said. This organization doesn't think that I should be the spokesperson because I'm gay. So for those of you just tuning in for the first time, it's true--I'm gay.