Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was utterly dominant during his 28-batter no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday, and his wife, Ellen, watched the entire performance from the stands.

Kershaw, a two-time NL Cy Young winner, struck out 15 batters and walked none in nine innings of nearly spotless work at Dodger Stadium, USA Today reports. The only blemish on his performance occurred during the seventh inning, when an errant throw by shortstop Hanley Ramirez on a weakly-hit ground ball resulted in a two-base error.

Still, Ellen Kershaw, Clayton’s high school sweetheart and wife since 2010, was far from disappointed with the game’s result. As soon as the game ended, she walked out onto the field to embrace her husband. “Tonight was so exciting. I still feel like we’re living in this dream,” she told MLB.com after the game.

“It just felt like the longest three and a half hours ever, and I wouldn’t let myself believe that it was a no-hitter until that last pitch happened, and I was like, ‘holy cow, I think that this might actually happen,’” she added. “It was one of those things that Clayton always said, ‘I really hope I’m able to do that someday. That would just be a dream come true.’”

Tiffany Billingsley, the wife of Kershaw’s Dodgers teammate, Chad Billingsley, sat next to Ellen all game and provided moral support during the no-hitter’s tensest moments. “She was like, ‘do you want to talk? Do you not?’ […] She just sat there and held my hand. And yeah, I was really nervous and it just felt really surreal.”

Kershaw added that she and her husband might celebrate the no-hitter with fellow Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett. Ironically, Beckett is the only other pitcher in baseball in throw a no-hitter this season; he accomplished the feat in May against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ellen Kershaw’s interview with MLB.com can be viewed below.

[h/t Deadspin]