The rumors of a McLobster set to join a host of other 'Mcs' on the McDonalds menu are doing rounds on the internet. McLobster has grabbed a hold of trends on Twitter as well as on Google, besides emerging in its all appetizing glory on the popular photo Flickr. While some wonder if McLobster will indeed land at the McDonalds near them, others have set out to bust the myths.

A Flickr Group Pool of 13 photos and 7 members announced 'The McLobster is Back!' fueling widespread interest in the sandwich. Yes, as the title of the Flickr group proclaims, the McLobster did exist before the internet rage. According to reports, a lobster roll sandwich exists and is available seasonally in select maritime cities in Canada and New England.

More evidence of McLobster's very real existence can be found on YouTube:

Meanwhile, in a bid to answer the raging question: Is McDonald's really testing the McLobster in some U.S. cities? - Carlsbad Patch e-mailed the McDonald's media team. The response to the question was immediate and negative.