An otherwise reluctant conversationalist Rupert Grint seemed genuinely at ease as he entered a fancy Manhattan hotel suite, flashing a sheepish grin.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 isn't all about battles and special effects. The film will also featuring the long-awaited kiss between Hermione (Watson) and Ron (Grint), as their relationship heats up.

Grint seems all excited and bewildered by the interest in the kiss and the romance between Ron and Hermione as his character is, reports nowtoronto.

It was a tricky one to do, he said of the lip-lock with Watson, who had become like a sister to Grint. We were both mutually dreading the scene.

It took four takes for them to finally nail the shot, and Grint hopes the kiss will look real to Potter fans.

It's been built up for so many years, said the actor. But I'm trying to erase it from my mind.

He says, he would rather recall the Gringotts Wizarding Bank heist, in which Harry, Ron and Hermione get trapped inside the Lestrange vault. We're drowning in all this gold, he said. It's a great scene to be a part of.

The Hogwarts Great Hall looked like the hospital wing in a Second World War movie, said Grint of the confrontation's aftermath. And hearing Maggie Smith (as Professor Minerva McGonagall) sobbing brought everything down, nowtoronto reported.

Grint is relieved that director Yates decided to do re-shoots of the epilogue depicting Harry, Ron and Hermione as parents 19 years later. Initially Yates wanted to age the actors with heavy makeup and wigs, but the make-over turned out to be too much, especially Ron's.

In the first attempt, my character was particularly terrifying, he recalled. The image still haunts me. I looked like a monster, really, a sort of Donald Trump mixture, Grint said.

Eventually, Yates and crew really did find the right balance of makeup and computer effects to age all three seamlessly, the report said.

Meanwhile, Grint said he's become more Ron-like over the past 10 years. He said he has felt a 'close connection' to Ron.