As fans of the HBO television series “Entourage” know, it was no stranger to showing extreme scenes of nudity and sexual content. In fact, such scenes were almost necessities. With the characters on the way to the big screen, however, they ran into trouble attempting to keep their identities while still holding onto an acceptable film rating.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a hotel-room scene in the flick garnered an early cut of the movie a dreaded NC-17 rating. The scene in question featured two adult film stars in a hotel room with Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and Haley Joel Osment’s character, a spoiled son of a wealthy Texan financier. The duo find themselves in a party setting where adult film stars Anna Morna and Spencer Scott are simulating oral sex on each other -- because, hey, it’s “Entourage.”  

“[The director] kept saying my boobs were really distracting. He kept trying to reposition me -- he didn’t want them to be so in-your-face,” Scott told the outlet. Despite their best efforts, the scene was a bit too raunchy for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

As CinemaBlend noted, a NC-17 rating wouldn’t necessarily dissuade “Entourage” fans from seeing the film as its key demographic is mostly over the age of 17 anyway. However, there is still a pornographic stigma attached to a movie that gets an NC-17 rating, so it makes any project with such a rating almost impossible to market. As a result, director Doug Ellin had to make some serious edits and leave a certain amount of particularly sexual content on the cutting-room floor. Since then, the film has received a regular old R rating.

The biggest things people have to worry about when they go to the theater to watch the “Entourage” movie will be scenes involving sexual content, nudity and drug usage -- and, given Ari Gold will play a big part in it, you can bet “strong language” is on the list as well.