Eric Hill’s tragic death stirred Twitter once more after he argued with “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman on Monday night’s episode. Viewers sent their condolences on the social media site, mourning the ABC reality star’s death, as they did after he perished in a tragic paragliding accident on April 23.

Since the new season of the hit show began, the “Bachelorette” audience painstakingly watched Hill, 32, on the show.  #RIPEricHill and #EricHill quickly became trending topics on the 140-social media site.

Many referred to the contestant as one of the most attractive men on the show.

Others said their condolences might have been late, but they wished him peace.

Some said a lesson should be learned from his sudden passing; that people should always be kind to one another.

Viewers saw Dorfman’s last conversation with Hill, which was her telling him things wouldn’t work out after he accused her of being an actress instead of a real person. One of the last things the “Bachelorette” told him was: “I cannot fight for somebody who doesn't believe in me — and I don't think you do."

But according to host Chris Harrison, even if that was the last time Dorfman spoke to Hill, it will not be the last time viewers see him on the show. "People have to understand that in our world, (his death) hasn't happened yet,” the host told USA Today. “What we showed last night (at the end) was shot in retrospect. In actuality, it doesn't happen for a few weeks."

Harrison added: "We will have to deal with it in some way because it affected Andi and the guys still left on the show. It's something you can't just brush by and ignore because it had such an effect on the show. It would be confusing – Why is she sad? - We're going to have to deal with it in some way. We’re just not sure how."