UAE-based Etihad Airways was voted the world's leading new airline for the third year in a row in the 13th annual World Travel Awards currently taking place in the Carribean's Turks and Caicos Islands.

Among its milestones is its achievement in launching 35 new routes in 35 months and opening its services to New York last month.

The airline's fleet is divided into a 3 zone configuration: Diamond zone, Pearl zone and Coral zone. The latest arrival of aircraft, which form part of the airline's record $8 billion order in 2004 for 29 new Airbus and Boeing aircraft, will allow the firm to label 80 percent of its fleet as brand new.

“It is incredible to think that Etihad Airways is not even three years old, yet we have achieved so much in that time. Etihad now operates services to 35 international destinations across four continents, offering Guests the award winning flat-bed on many of the routes,” said Chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan in a statement.