European Regulators have revealed plans to tighten the rules governing the sharing of personal data online with third-party sites, a steps that could potentially affect social-networking sites.

Third party developers usually can be able to access private data of those who subscribe online in networking sites such as Myspace , Facebook and Twitter.

The views are contained in an unpublished opinion paper from a group made up of Europe’s national data-protection and privacy commissioners, according to the FT which has seen the document.

The group, known as the Article 29 working party, acts as an advisory body to the European Commission. While the views do not carry any formal authority, they are designed to guide individual national regulators.”

The Article 29 Working Party, a group of data protection and privacy officers from across Europe, called for tighter controls on sites such as Myspace , Facebook and Twitter and believes more stringent regulation is needed to protect personal data shared with third parties on social networking sites.

Even if sites are based outside EU's countries they should be subject to European Union privacy and data protection legislation because of their large presence, the group contended.

In addition to group said that greater regulation should also be applied to third parties for marketing purposes.

For more Information on visit The Article 29 Working Group report.