“Ant-Man” actress Evangeline Lilly may be soon seen as the Wasp in the upcoming Marvel film. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege hopes to explore the character either in an “Ant-Man” sequel or any of the Marvel’s Phase 3 films.  

“We thought it would be a disservice to the Wasp to just have her show up — ‘Hello, I’m wearing the costume now! Goodbye!’ When we do it, which we’re going to, it needs to be done really well,” he said to Zap2It.

Lilly’s Wasp costume was introduced in the recently released “Ant-Man.”

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) offers the new Wasp prototype to Van Dyne in the post credit scenes of the film. He does this after revealing to her in the mid sequence that her mother Janet Van Dyne was the Wasp, but she disappeared into a subatomic quantum realm.

Feige has reportedly watched the scene where the Wasp’s costume is revealed more than “15 thousand times” and he thinks the time has come to give the comic book character a fully fleshed out story.

In the comics, the Wasp’s yellow and black costume consists of a full body suit, eye mask and gloves.  She has the ability to alter her size, fly at rapid speeds and fire bio-electric energy stings. She is a founding member of the Avengers.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the character and she made her first appearance in “Tales To Astonish” No. 44.

Meanwhile, Lilly who has signed two full movies and cameo with Marvel and is thrilled to see her character Hope turn into the Wasp. “She was raised by two superheroes, so she knows probably better than everybody the pitfalls of that life, the pitfalls of that responsibility and how it can weigh on a human being and what it can do to their personal life,” she said. She also added that her character will mature as it grows in the future Marvel film.

“Ant-Man” released on July 17 and featured Paul Rudd in the title role.