A fundamental evangelist preacher made a mistake while Googling photos for his ebook, Bible Principles of Child Discipline.

Doug Sehorne who admits to not owning a TV in the past 35 years, chose a cast photo of the fictional Dumphy family from the hit show “Modern Family” for his book cover.

“Evidently, it is from a wicked TV show involving a gay couple!” Sehorne posted on his Facebook page that has since been taken down.

The ABC show follows a family of three couples, one of which is a gay couple with an adopted daughter. Since the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in California, where the show takes place, rumor has it next season’s plot line may even feature a wedding for characters, Mitchell and Cam.

In his Facebook post Sehorne says he got the image from a Google search that he presumed wasn’t copyrighted. “Anyone who knows me, knows I would never condone such wickedness as sodomy or even TV,” he said, admitting he didn’t know what “Modern Family” was.

Sehorne’s book, which was published in July, has since been removed from Amazon.com. It was only on August 14 when someone alerted him to the book cover blunder. On Facebook, Sehorne says he plans on republishing it with a new cover.

On Sehorne’s website, he is described as an “Old-Fashioned Bible Preacher who delivers soul-stirring messages filled with the Word, rich in practical application” who has been practicing for more than 40 years.  

This isn’t Sehorne’s first book. On Amazon.com the South Carolina preacher has five titles including “Biblical Salvation and its Fruits,” “Modesty: A Deeper Understanding,” and “James: The Application of Faith to the Issues of Life.”