The Lego Company and Telltale Games are about to make some Whovians very happy. It was announced that every doctor that has ever appeared in “Doctor Who” will appear in the upcoming “Lego Dimensions” game. Considering that the title already has characters from “Back to the Future,” “Lord of the Rings” and DC Comics, that will be a lot of characters for gamers to handle.

How each doctor was added to the game could be considered a stroke of genius and one that fans of the television series will really appreciate. According to GameSpot, when the player’s chosen doctor dies, he reverts to the first doctor from Season 1 of “Doctor Who,” then moves on to the second one and so on. Basically, players will cycle through all of the doctors when they die.

Teh game also will include the legendary Tardis, the time machine and spacecraft that appears in "Doctor Who." Not only will it be available in “Lego Dimensions,” but the interior will change depending on which doctor has been chosen. The first doctor will come in an old-school time machine, complete with a black and white background to show how old the character is.

But despite all the doctors in the game, only Peter Capaldi will provide voice work for “Lego Dimensions,” according to Eurogamer. Capaldi is the most recent actor to play Doctor Who and is officially the 12th doctor in the whole series, succeeding No. 11, Matt Smith.

Capaldi will not be alone though, as Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez, who play Clara Oswald and Missy, respectively, will join him as voice actors. It’s currently not known if there will be multiple versions of Clara and Missy in the game.

“Lego Dimensions” is set to hit retail stores Sept. 29 and will be available for Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and Nintendo's Wii U. “Doctor Who” characters will be available through various Lego Minifig sets and starter packs. 

Doctor Who Arrives In LEGO Dimensions! (Credit: YouTube/Doctor Who)