Fresh off of her breakup from ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga is back in the studio working on her next album.

After being seen without her engagement ring, Lady Gaga has returned to making music and this time, she is working with Mark Ronson. The "Uptown Funk" producer isn't the only person working with Gaga but based on previous interviews, it appears that Ronson is in charge of the album. 

After the commercial failure that was Gaga's 2014 album "Artpop," which sold less than one million copies — compared to her double platinum "Born This Way" — Gaga has returned to working with producer RedOne who produced such hits as "Just Dance," "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" from the albums "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster." While the contents of the album have yet to be revealed— perhaps a Talyor Kinney breakup song — Ronson has spoke highly of the album and fans are excited. Here's everything we know about Lady Gaga's next album:

1. Mark Ronson Calls The Album "Honest"

As the main collaborator on the album, Ronson has been the one to reveal the most about the album. Speaking with Zane Lowe on the Beats 1 radio show, Ronson called the album a "very honest, authentic, kind of analog record."

2. The Album Is "Incredible"

The producer also praised Gaga's next album, calling it "incredible" but wouldn't give any further details. "I can't really get into it too much - I'm not trying to be coy, but I feel like it's not my place," Ronson told Lowe. "When the time's right to tell the story, I feel like she should tell." Ronson did call the album some of his "favorite music."

3. She's Working With Big Stars

Ronson posted a photo in May featuring Kevin Parker of Tame Impala fame and BloodPop (producer for Justin Bieber and Grimes) in the studio with Lady Gaga. It's uncertain what roles Parker and BloodPop play on the album, but if their previous work is any indication, it's sure to be great.

4. Potential Release Date

On his Rocket Hour podcast in June, Elton John revealed that he heard "two or three songs from [Lady Gaga's] new record" and they were "absolutely brilliant." According to John, fans will hear the album "later in the year or early next year." But Elton John wasn't the only person to hint at a 2016 release date. During an interview with WPRO-FM in Rhode Island, longtime Gaga collaborator, RedOne, revealed that he and Gaga did eight songs together and said the album would be out later this year.

5. She's Working On Two Albums

A new solo albums isn't the only project in the works for Lady Gaga. According to Tony Bennett, he and Gaga are in talks to make a follow-up to their 2014 jazz album, "Cheek to Cheek." "She and I are talking about doing a second album," Bennett told Billboard.