Hours after being evicted from New York's Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, Occupy Wall Street protesters were setting up in a new location pledging amid religious prayers to continue the movement with a new occupation.

Several hundred people gathered in New York's Duarte Square Tuesday morning, with apparent plans to set up a new encampment after Occupy Wall Street protesters were forcefully evicted from Zuccotti Park by police in the middle of the night, resulting in dozens of arrests. Hours later, and blocks north of Lower Manhattan, protesters gathered in Duarte Square as religious leaders from the area joined them giving words of prayer.

Duarte Square is at the intersection of Canal and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

Group: We Will Change the World Together

We will change the world together, said Michael Ellick, minister of Judson Memorial Church in New York, in leading a group prayer in Duarte Park. We will take space. We will show hat this will be done together. What happened last night was a gift. It was a transformation. This is not about Zuccotti Park, this is about issues. We are not going away. There are endless generations of Americans behind us and the causes of this moment are unchanged.

The movement has outgrown Zuccotti Park and if we are to move forward together we must relearn what community looks like, Ellick said, praying. We will build a new world, amen.

Less than an hour later, many of those gathered at Duarte Park, where two wooden information booths displaying occupy and liberate were already set up, scaled and streamed over a wooden construction barrier proclaiming the new occupation.

Some in the group chanted, We shall overcome.